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Over time, our brand has become synonymous with quality. goodness, purity and taste. So, it is natural that we take immense pride in delighting our customers time and again.We are passionate about our brands and go to great lengths to ensure that we offer our customers only the very best varieties of rice. To cater to international trade and operations, Royal Osmania Group has an International Trade Division office in Dubai, UAE.

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Royal Osmania Basmati Rice
and Non-Basmati Rice.

Rice has an important place in the nutrition of two-thirds of the world population. Rice gains importance day by day because it is nutritious, healthy, and delicious. India is one of the largest suppliers of Basmati Rice, and Royal Osmania Group procures rice from India and packages the rice under the brand name Royal Osmania. Commitment to quality is a core value of Royal Osmania Group. Royal Osmania Rice represents quality and stability. Each grain of packaged rice is subject to state-of-the-art hygiene conditions and packaged under the supervision of our quality control team. Royal Osmania Rice is available in Non-Woven Bags, Jute Bags and BOPP Pouch Bags of all sizes in various packages and in various countries.
With its consistent quality, aroma and taste, Royal Osmania Rice has gained a unique place in the global market.

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Strategically located in an area known for near-perfect conditions for growing paddy (in terms of soil condition and climate) and wholesale paddy markets. This gives us the faster access to, and the first- choice advantage in sourcing, the best quality paddy.



Our brand is benchmarked to the latest international standards in quality, purity and nutritional values. At no stage of the production process is the paddy/finished rice touched by hand



Our location in the centre of India’s most famous Basmati growing hub also means lower transportation & distribution costs. These savings in cost are directly passed on to our customers, giving them better quality rice at a lower cost.



Our packaging (in premium poly pouches, non-woven bags and jute bags) ensures that our brands reach our Q customers totally pristine, hygienic and dust free. We also conform to each country’s food regulations and labelling requirements. The ultimate goal of the Royal Osmania Group is consumer happiness and satisfaction.

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